Content Packages

Content has become the most important component of an SEO and branding campaign, but if you’ve never written before, it can seem intimidating. Launching a content marketing campaign takes time and dedication, but it doesn’t end there. Planning an editorial calendar, integrating your blog strategy with your overall content and SEO campaign, researching topics and drilling down the right keywords are just some of the regular tasks required. But you’ve also got to speak to your audience, produce content that’s share-worthy, engaging and relevant.

We’re the leading experts in producing masterful content that serves both core purposes: Provides SEO value while simultaneously engaging readers, attracting links and growing your audience and community. It takes not just skill, but enthusiasm for the process to develop and maintain your voice. We believe that your content should be an extension of you and your business, and we match our style and tone to suit your business and overall brand perfectly.

Outsourcing content maintenance makes sense: You don’t need to hire a full-time staff member to manage copy, and unless you have a great writer with SEO experience on your team, you’ll get better results by utilizing an expert for a fraction of the price.

Properly maintained content can:

  • Create link bait. Other bloggers love to link back to quality posts.
  • Build circular links. Linking relevant key phrases to optimized pages on your site improves SEO.
  • Improve crawl rates. Search engine bots crawl frequently-updated sites more often.
  • Improve overall SEO. We use a number of techniques to ensure that every blog post is keyword-rich, newsworthy and relevant to your industry.
  • Generate traffic. Frequently updated blogs attract more visitors. More visitors to your site means more business exposure.
  • Establish you as a leading authority. Professionals love to follow blogs written by industry thought leaders.
  • Enhance brand recognition. Savvy content marketing and consistent effort can turn you from zero to hero. Get known among your target audience.

Content/Blog Set-Up

Our blog set-up service is for the business, consultant, artist, executive or personal blogger totally new to blog marketing. We’ll set you up with everything from a custom domain name to a customized template or theme to a few introductory posts to get you started.

  • Our recommendation for the best content platform for your needs
  • Set-up and installation of your blog
  • Installation and customization of a theme or template
  • Search engine optimization (link and site structure)
  • Google Analytics set-up and tutorial
  • Category set-up
  • Three initial optimized posts

Other types of content offered include:

  • White pages
  • Articles
  • Newsletters
  • Webinars
  • Ebooks

Content Consultation

Our content consultation is for the business, consultant, artist, executive or personal blogger who already has their content marketing underway or has purchased our blog set-up package and wishes to maintain their own blog.

  • A review of your site, link structure and SEO recommendations
  • Keyword analysis and recommendations
  • Coaching on finding newsworthy and trending topics, including a list of ten topic suggestions
  • Coaching on building circular and outgoing links that will improve SEO
  • Category and tag recommendations
  • Google Analytics set-up and tutorial

You can add editorial direction to this package for a robust editorial calendar complete with six months of planned content, topic ideation, deadlines, and a comprehensive set of editorial guidelines  targeted to your business for your internal team.

Editorial Direction and Project Management (Blog Only) 

For the business, artist, consultant, executive or personal blogger who wants to benefit from a blog but lacks the time to commit to regular maintenance.

  • Concept and development of target reader demographics and profiles
  • Editorial calendar template with deadlines, goals, and topics
  • Topic ideation
  • Content production and publishing based on editorial schedule
  • Submission for inclusion in Google News
  • Google Analytics set-up and tutorial
  • We recommend a posting frequency based on your industry and needs; options range from a few posts per month to five days per week

Editorial Direction and Project Management (Full Content Marketing Campaign) 

Want a more comprehensive campaign than just a blog — but would love to pass it off to a team of experts as invested in your success as you are? Let us manage your content marketing campaign from concept to completion. This package is customized to your specific needs and generally includes:

  • Audience persona and editorial guideline development
  • Editorial calendar creation
  • Topic ideation (with pre-approval requirements worked in to the publishing schedule)
  • Content creation
  • Editorial review process implementation
  • Publishing
  • Promotion

Virtually every aspect of your campaign is off your shoulders and in our competent hands. Want to incorporate a guest blogging initiative into the mix based on your preference or our recommendation? We can do that, too. Let us evaluate your current content scenario, and we’ll formulate the right campaign to drive results.

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