Social Media


Social Media Marketing

The way we reach and interact with current and potential customers has changed. Social media is now a major lead generation tool in many industries. Businesses can no longer ignore the value of social media marketing, but where do they begin? Unless you’ve been immersed in the social media world for years–like we have–you’re probably intimidated by the hundreds of social networking sites out there.

Maybe you have no idea where you should be participating or what could really benefit your business. Do everything? Or do nothing? Well, something is better than nothing, but you certainly don’t need to do everything. And you definitely don’t need to do it alone.

Social Media Marketing Consultation

For the business owner, consultant, executive or artist wanting to reap the benefits of social media marketing. You want to be delivering the right message, to the right place, at the right time, without devoting every hour of the day to monitoring your social media profiles.

  • Our recommendations: Where to spend your efforts and which sites are the best match for your needs
  • Setup of up to 10 social media profiles
  • A custom editorial calendar including frequency, topics and calls-to-action
  • Tips and tactics for building followers and fans
  • Strategies for reducing time spent on social media

Brand Management

For the business that wants to keep tabs on what clients and customers are saying. You can’t put out a fire if you don’t know it’s there, and more customers are turning to social media as a means to interact with brands — and an increasingly larger percentage of consumers expect to have customer service issues addressed promptly via social media networks. That puts the burden on you to meet that demand or risk damage to your brand for unresponsiveness or other unintentional nuances. You have to keep an active eye on your online brand reputation — even if you’re not an active participant in the social media community. We offer:

  • Daily monitoring of buzz surrounding your business
  • Instant alerts or weekly summaries

Profile Creation

For businesses who want to protect their brand by securing their brand name across hundreds of social media sites. You’ll preserve your brand image by blocking any potential spoof users, even if you don’t actively use the profile. (Who wants to have a hijacked social media profile with some unscrupulous hacker posting shady content under your brand? The results can be anything from a mild annoyance to a complete disaster. Don’t bet your future on the former.)

  • Set up of social media profiles
  • More than 500 profiles available – our list is always up-to-date

Social Media Marketing

For businesses who want to benefit from brand awareness, back-linking and partnership opportunities that arise from active participation in social media. Social kudos comes in many forms, and it now has an impact on SEO — that means all those Tweets, Google+ updates, Facebook Likes, Pinterest clicks and every other interaction can give you a shot of SEO juice. Let us do the daily dirty work, manage your interactions and build your fan base.

  • Setup of 25 social media profiles
  • Regular, relevant and engaging content
  • Engagement with community members
  • Brand management alerts

Think social media is a waste of money because there are no tangible results? Think again. Social media is measurable, and we’ll help you calculate your return on investment.

Contact us to learn more about how we can help and request a quote.