With all the content marketing agencies out there, you’re probably wondering how CODA Concepts is different.

We take our work very seriously — this is what we live for.

We didn’t see an opportunity and decide to throw out a shingle and call ourselves copywriters. CODA Concepts, LLC was created with purposeful intent to meet a need as the Web becomes more and more important for success in business. Every member of our team brings substantial experience to the table. We don’t work with writers and editors who are trying to make a quick and easy buck. Your success is our success, and we put only the most qualified individuals to work on every project we accept.

We don’t stand for lackluster copy and weak results, so we’ve built a team equally as committed to quality as we are. Yes, our prices are higher than you’d pay at a content mill. But we pay our writers based on quality, not quantity. Sure, we could hire a bunch of inexperienced freelancers willing to write a 500-word article for $10, and you could probably buy a bunch of those. But the quality of those articles will suffer dramatically as the writer tries to churn out as many articles as fast as possible. We demand quality, and we won’t put our name on anything that fails to meet the bar.

There’s a quality standard that’s not being met by most providers.

We hand-pick each and every member of our team and work closely with our writers and clients to produce quality content that matches your voice. Gone are the days of poorly written, error-filled copy stuffed with keywords designed solely to appeal to the search engines — not to the reader.

Google is constantly implementing changes to its algorithm, and it’s becoming increasingly difficult for businesses to keep up with the latest best practices and which tactics have recently become grey hat. But that’s what we do. All day, every day, we stay on top of the changes coming down the line that enable us to provide the best results for our clients. After Google’s PANDA update shocked the Web, experts started paying attention and realizing that the search giant’s commitment to weeding out crappy content is no joke. This was affirmed with the later freshness update, and over-optimization penalties.

It’s imperative to focus not only on SEO best practices, but to know immediately when a change is implemented that can impact your rankings. But when you have CODA Concepts as your dedicated watchdog constantly on the lookout, you don’t have to spend sleepless nights wondering if your rankings will tank by 5am.

We’re strongly opposed to the content mill philosophy.

We don’t even have an in-house style guide. That’s because it’s not our style that matters — it’s yours. We work only with the most skilled writers who are not only capable of adhering to appropriate style and grammar rules but are also adept enough to readily mold the tone of their writing to suit clients’ needs. In other words, if you like to be sassy and purposely misspell words for impact, that creativity won’t be lost in the editorial process.

Working with most content providers means you’ll submit your assignments through an automated system and never have any personal communication with the writer working on your assignments. We intentionally keep our team small and work with a select number of clients so that we’re able to effectively manage each project without the need for automated systems that focus on quantity over quality. Too often, the sheer volume of work that’s produced by content mills makes this hands-on approach impossible. This results in editors who aren’t knowledgeable in your industry and may try to impose styles to your projects based on their personal preferences, ┬ásimply because they can’t dedicate the time to learn what you want. (Either that, or they’re just really arrogant and think their way is the only way.)

We’re hands-on with every project that comes through our doors and take a multi-step approach to ensuring the work we deliver is on target. Every piece of content is reviewed and approved by a senior editor before it goes out the door, and clients have at least two opportunities to make revisions or shift the focus of a project before completion.